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              Hookem Fishing is a proudly Australian owned Company who have been manufacturing their range of Marine Grade Fishing Products since 1994. Our Office and Factory is based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria.  Karen and Mick run the general administration in the office, whilst Mick and Jim work with the manufacturing and development of the products.

              While you are here you can:

              • check out our fantastic products
              • find out where you can buy our products
              • get some hints and tips!

              Please note that we are manufacturers / wholesalers so we can only give advice and will refer you to your nearest stockist for sales enquiries.

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              LATEST PRODUCTS

              Jig Heads

              Available in a wide range of weights and hook sizes to suit the most popular soft plastic lures on the market.

              Fully Rigged Squid Lure - Soft Lumo

              Fully Rigged with Pink Scent Pad - Available in 3 Sizes
              5" Lumo - Kingfish Attractor
              7.5" Lumo - Tuna Attractor
              10" Lumo - Billfish Attractor

              Cast Fixed Gaff

              The Cast Gaff Range are doubled pinned and glued into thick walled fibreglass tube for extra strength and durability. Heads are cast, case hardened and finished with a high polish.

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